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How To Make A Christmas Wreath With A Twist

How to Make a Christmas Wreath - The Chic Burrow

This year we are participating in Martha Lynn Kale’s Wreath Challenge! All you need to make a book page wreath is an old book, a wire coat hanger, and a ribbon (trimming is optional).
How to make a book wreath - The Chic Burrow

Step 1.  Rip out pages and cut them into squares

Christmas Wreath Decor - The Chic Burrow

Step 2. Bend the wire coat hanger into a circle (leave the hanger part at the top as a hook to hang)
How to make a holiday wreath - The Chic Burrow

Step 3. Fold a square into a triangle (do not crease) 
A twist on a holiday wreath - The Chic Burrow

Step 4. Punch the coat hanger through the center of the triangle and string onto the coat hanger
A Christmas wreath made out of a book - The Chic Burrow

Step 5. Repeat until the coat hanger is full

Step by step on how to make a wreath - The Chic Burrow
Step 6. Twist the coat hanger end so the circle is complete
How to make affordable holiday decor - The Chic Burrow
Step 7. Glue a bow on the wreath and add an optional decor if you want
A fashion bloggers holiday wreath DIY -  The Chic Burrow
DIY Christmas Wreath - The Chic Burrow

Click on over to Martha Lynn’s blog to see all of the different wreaths you can make this season and don’t forget to vote for us. Also, if you are still doing your Christmas shopping (like us!) there are some fabulous sales going on today.  See below.

DIY holiday wreath - The Chic Burrow

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Southern Earring Frame

We are so excited to have entered Martha Lynn Kale’s Denim Challenge.  The challenge was to repurpose an old pair of denim and create something completely different. See our DIY below and then bop on over to Martha Lynn’s website to vote for us and see what others made!

a wooden frame
heavy duty stapler
a spool of burlap
2 pairs of old jeans

Step 1: Cut the seam side of the jeans out on each outer side of the jean leg. These strips should be about 2 feet long and 3-4 inches wide (so they are able to wrap around the wooden frame)

Step 2: Wrap the jean strips around the wooden frame one by one and staple to the back of the frame

Step 3: Once the jean seams are showing on the front of the frames and the back of the frame has the stapled jean strips stapled tight, you are ready to add the burlap
Step 4: Cut the burlap into strips that fit the frame (you may need more than one, like I did, depending on the width of your burlap) 

Step 5: Staple the burlap in, overlapping strips on the frame.
Step 6: Hang your earrings on your beautiful frame–you are done!
Don’t forget to vote for us HERE